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Ausblick in die Rheinschlucht in Laax.
Aussicht in die Rheinschlucht in Laax.



There is a reason why the Rhine gorge between Reichenau and Ilanz is known as the "Swiss Grand Canyon". It is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Graubünden and is unique even in the Alps. In the wild gorges, you can experience pure adrenalin while river rafting or take a hike along the craggy rock formations. An easily accessible hiking trail along the Rhine also presents excellent opportunities to have a barbecue, create stone mounds or dip your feet in the water. You can even find orchids here. If you prefer a little more comfort, you can also explore the Rhine gorge by train or PostBus.

Viewing platforms

You can find a number of viewing platforms around the gorge, presenting unique views of the natural phenomenon.

Die Aussichtsplattform Il Spir in Laax.

Il Spir

The Il Spir viewing platform is located just a few minutes from Restaurant Conn. The platform was developed by Chur architect Corinna Menn and inaugurated in September 2006. You can savour a unique 180-degree view of "Swiss Grand Canyon" from here. From Flims Waldhaus, you can reach the viewing platform in around 45 minutes on a pram-friendly hiking trail. It is accessible all year round.

Aussicht in die Rheinschlucht von der Aussichtsplattform Islabord.


From the modestly designed Islabord balconies, you can enjoy unique views to the north and over the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona. You can reach Islabord by foot from Versam. The viewing platform is open from May to October.

Die Aussichtsplattform Zault am Rand der Rheinschlucht.


A natural spiral-shaped elevation winds along the start of the Rhine gorge and offers breathtaking views into the depths of the gorge. The Zault viewing platform is accessible from the hiking trail. It was developed by the Bonaduz engineer Walter Bieler. The viewing platform is open from March to November.

[Translate to englisch:] Crap Signina in LAAX

Crap Signina

Between Laax and Sagogn, the Crap Signina platform sits majestically on a cliff above Sagogn. You can reach it in around 30 minutes from Laax or Sagogn. Panoramic panels provide information about the views over Val Mulin and in the direction of Ilanz. You can also spend some time in comfort here during bad weather, as the platform is sheltered.

270-Grad-Blick in das Versamer Tobel von Spitg am Rande der Rheinschlucht.


The romantic Spitg viewing platform offers extraordinary 270-degree views of the Versam ravine, the Rhine gorge and the mountain landscape around Flims. You can reach the viewing platform from Versam or from Trin station by foot in around 1.5 hours. Please note that the ascent is partially exposed, so it is important to watch your step and have a good head for heights. The viewing platform is open from May to October.

Aussicht von der Plattform Alix in die Rheinschlucht.


You can take the hiking trail from Valendas to reach the Alix viewing platform. Spectacular views of the Rhine gorge also await you here. The viewing platform is open from May to October.

[Translate to englisch:] Aussichtsplattform Wackenau in LAAX


The Wackenau viewing platform is located at the end of the vast Rhine gorge. It is named after the castle ruin situated above it. You can reach it from Trin station or from Bonaduz. The viewing platform is open from May to October.

Hängebrücke in der Rheinschlucht in Laax.

Punt Ruinaulta footbridge

The detailed suspension bridge at Trin station which was completed in 2010 is the third bridge in our region to connect the left and right banks of the Rhine. With a length of 105 metres and a passage width of 1.8 metres, the Punt Ruinaulta is one of the longest suspension bridges in Graubünden. A riverside path was developed here alongside the Rhine, allowing hikers to better explore the exceptional Rhine gorge.

Explore the suspension bridge in various different ways

Kanu- oder Rafting in der Rheinschlucht Laax.

Take an action-packed canoeing or rafting tour on the waterway


Die Hängebrücke in der Rheinschlucht in Laax.

By road from Zault viewing platform


Mit dem Ruinaulta-Ticket die Rheinschlucht erleben.

By rail and with the Ruinaulta ticket

Hängebrücke in Laax.

Directly on foot by road from Trin Digg to Versam via Trin station, or by return hike along the Rhine from Reichenau to Trin station

Massnahmen rund um den Umweltschutz in Laax.


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