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Child care

Child care in winter

With the new child care offer of the Kids'Club in STENNA Flims and the Ami Sabi crèche in Laax, there is a suitable animation program for children and teenagers of all ages.

Child care in STENNA Flims


The Kids'Club includes the Baby Park (for babies and toddlers) and the Kids Park for children up to 11 years of age. Here the children can play, paint, dress up, do handicrafts, read, crawl or simply rest.

For babies between 3-24 months

Baby Park

This is a unique concept: in the Baby Park your baby or toddler will be looked after competently and lovingly. Here they can play, paint, dress up, do handicrafts, read, crawl or simply rest. Our beautiful, quiet breastfeeding room for mother and baby is also lovingly furnished. Enjoy your personal leisure time - you can go skiing or shopping in peace and quiet and your baby will be cared for professionally.

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For children between 2-10 years of age

Kids Park

The Kids Park has everything but boredom: Your child will certainly find something exciting to discover in the various areas of the Kids Park. Your children will be competently looked after in the Kids Park. The motto is: simply play or acquire knowledge through play.

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For children and teenagers aged 11 and over


The creative and entertaining meeting place for teenagers. Have fun exploring new technologies? Explore the world of EXPLORiT, which is focused on playful development and science.

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Child care in Laax

Ami Sabi crèche

In our Ami Sabi crèche at the Laax base station, your children will be lovingly looked after by our experienced staff. Our crèche offers the little ones lots of fun, games and variety. You can book half or whole days, individually or for the whole week, with or without lunch.

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